GamiPress LearnDash Trigger Integration

GamiPress Learndash Trigger Integration

Plugin Description

Swrice offers a powerful GamiPress Learndash Trigger Integration, which is a highly valuable addition to your e-learning platform. This integration allows you to seamlessly incorporate GamiPress-specific Course, Lesson, Topic, and Quiz triggers directly on the LearnDash course, lesson, topic, and quiz edit pages, thanks to a dedicated add-on.

Complete Detail Video

You can watch this video to fully understand how the plugin works in terms of its functionality.

Plugin Features

You can read all the plugin features below:

  • For each Course, Lesson, Topic, and Quiz backend edit page, you can add a metabox that enables you to add GamiPress triggers.
  • In this metabox, you can select the point type.
  • You can enter the number of points in it.
  • You can select a limited time option in it.
  • You can enter the maximum earning points in it.
  • You can also enter a label in it.

Swrice Support

We recognize the importance of a high-quality product supported by dedicated customer service. We are here to attentively address all your inquiries and assist you in maximizing the potential of our plugin.

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GamiPress Learndash Trigger integration


GamiPress all Version:
LearnDash all Version:

Tested up to: 6.3 or higher
PHP Version: 7.0 or higher

Plugin Information

Plugin Version: 1.0

Last updated: 28th October 2023